The Titan Whopper is a whole lot of fun to ride. Whether you choose to ride at the beach, in snow or on the trail, the Whopper will conquer it all.  It is suitable for trail and in loose sand. On the off-road uphill , because there is no suspension, the rider is able to exert more power into his pedal stroke, therefore maintaining a good pace uphill. On flat out downhill, the Whopper is very balanced. Thanks to its fat tyres, it is also able to roll over nooks and crannies in the ground with ease. Through flat terrain and loose sand, the fat bike is the fastest thing. 

The Titan Whopper is extremely fun on single track. The feeling of the motion when you nail switch-backs, rail a berm and cruise on s-bends with this bike is just incredible. The saddle is also comfortable and the geometry of the frame allows you to ride in a common racing position.

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