With Henning’s experience in the African bicycle world we are proud to offer you a broad range of bicycles.


There is a saying, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear”. That’s why we stock the best cycling gear available.


With the items from our accessories range you will always find what you’re looking for and get the best deal possible.


With our unique self service menu and online service booking tool we’ve taken the fuss out of bike services.

  • Merida Ninety-Six Team

  • Titan Carbon Pro

  • Merida Scultura 9000

  • Titan - Carbon Calypso Race

  • Titan Carbon Team

  • Merida Scultura Team

  • Titan Mens Pro

  • Titan Carbon Ultimate

  • Titan Mens 650B Trail

  • Titan Whopper Carbon Pro

  • Merida Scultura 7000-E

  • Titan Stryker Comp

  • Merida One-Twenty 8000

  • Titan Stryker Expert

  • Merida Warp TT Team-E frame

  • Titan Stryker Calypso Sport

  • Merida Ride Team-E

  • Titan Stryker Sport

  • Merida Big.Nine Team issue

  • Titan Whopper Carbon Race

  • Merida Warp TRI 7000-E

  • Titan Whopper Carbon Ultimate

  • Merida Ninety-Six XT

  • Merida Juliet 7.XT edition

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